About Ardyn

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Ardyn M. Thriffiley is in her 20th year assisting communities, economic development organizations, and businesses in developing strategies for more comprehensive growth planning. Ardyn has worked in seven southern states on business and economic development plans, marketing strategies, workforce development assessments, and market research projects.

Ardyn’s combined experience conducting business intelligence research & analysis with strategic planning and workforce development is advantageous to her clients as one supports and provides direction to the other. Her approach to working with clients in both areas is crafted from her work in small to medium size communities and businesses along with her partnerships on the national level on large regional projects. She is knowledgeable about many state and regional economies and industries from her competitive and industry analyses. Ardyn tracks business, economic and workforce trends on an ongoing basis.

She formed Ardyn M. Thriffiley & Associates in 2000 and has collaborated with numerous top economic development and marketing consulting firms.   She earned an MBA in Marketing from the University of New Orleans and has been a certified economic developer (CEcD) through the International Economic Development Council since 1999.   She is a certified Market Research Specialist MRc(EG) through The Edward Lowe Foundation’s Economic Gardening Program.

See her full credentials and qualifications here:  Ardyn M Thriffiley 2014 Biography

“I have known Ardyn for many years and have found her to be amongst the very best. She is smart, articulate, accurate and honest in her dealings. She will tell you the truth and give you her best advice — always with an eye towards helping you attain your goals.  I plan to hire her for future assignments and would recommend you do the same!”

– James P. McNamara, President and CEO, McNamara Associates, Inc.