Our Difference

Very often when strategic consultants are engaged, they follow a template of “repairs” – a generic bandage that addresses any issue.

Ardyn takes a roots-up approach: primarily, understand the foundation – the client’s core values to create an adaptable strategy. Secondly, she doesn’t treat the problem; she assesses the health of the entire organization or community. Her focus is far broader than the issue at hand as she works with her clients to determine a trajectory that will propel them toward their vision and potential growth opportunities.

Ardyn combines strategic and competitive intelligence research with planning and workforce development as one supports the other to determine the direction in which to take. She’s worked with small to medium sized communities and businesses, and regional projects on the national level. Ardyn has the capacity to work with a variety of clients as her experiences are wide-ranging.   Her partnerships expand opportunities for her clients and she enjoys being able to bring additional services to benefit their overall strategy.

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“Ardyn possesses a combination of skills ranging from the technical (resource identification, research, strategic planning, plan implementation, process facilitation and project management) to the personal (volunteer development and business assistance). Additionally, her experience and extensive networking ability ranks her above her peers.”

Patrick Witty, Director, Community Outreach at Louisiana Economic Development