Moving Ahead after Failure

Ardyn M. Thriffiley

Moving Ahead after Failure

February 2014

We recently attended the 6th Annual Growth Conference hosted by Entrepreneur Magazine and sponsored by The UPS Store.   We attend such events as a means of inspiration and learning; if we didn’t constantly exposure ourselves to new ideas and people, we wouldn’t be able to continue to serve our clients in the most effective ways.  Plus, we did walk away with a luxurious goody bag including an iPhone 5 camera lens invented by Entrepreneur’s 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year.   How cool is that?!

Besides the camera lens I was reminded and inspired by discussions on branding, social media marketing, and how to recover from failure.   I especially enjoyed the latter discussion from two local entrepreneurs, Fleurty Girl and Federated Sample, one of which started a new company after his first was a bust.  My take on it was that you can’t fail without trying.  Entrepreneurs are risk takers and failure to some degree will inevitably occur.   Analyze the reasons for failure and modify your business plan to overcome it.  You will likely go through an emotional recovery stage but eventually get back in the game.  Keep innovating and your eyes open.

One final note is that I wanted to mention I was inspired by a colleague, Kristine Dickson of Metro Nola Sourcelink, an organization connecting entrepreneurs in the greater New Orleans area with a plethora of resources and connections.  I enjoyed her recent article about her observations from having watched The Shawshank Redemption for the umpteenth time relative to takeaways for her entrepreneurial audience.     Thank you, Kristine!

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