Workforce Development

Forklift stacking containers

As the gap continues to exist between available skill sets and skills needed, businesses and communities must be prepared to tackle the workforce problem head-on.  At Ardyn, we assess the situation and create strategies for developing a pipeline of labor for existing businesses, employing people in your community, and helping to ensure there is a workforce now and into the future.

Collaboration between stakeholders in the workforce ecosystem is critical to determining and addressing the short and long-term issues precluding the availability of workers needed for industry.   Through our prior work, we understand the stakeholders that need to be involved.  We facilitate them through a process towards a common vision and strategic actions.

At Ardyn, we bring clients the deep research and analysis necessary to face individual situations. We conduct interviews with businesses, civic groups, education and training providers, non-profits, faith-based organizations as well as other relevant stakeholders to draw an accurate representation of their needs and identify potential solutions.  We also conduct intercept surveys with citizens in every day settings to collect real-time data on the unemployed and underemployed in the community.

Find our successful Workforce Development Cases here.

“Over the past years that I have known her, Ardyn has consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism and responsiveness. She worked with me as part of Taimerica Management on a variety of strategic planning projects, and also assisted me at the Tennessee Leadership Center in Nashville for several months. Her pleasant personality complements her knowledge and understanding of quality work in the field of economic development. I look forward to our continuing opportunities to work together in the future.”

– David Kolzow, President, Team Kolzow, Inc. Franklin, Tennessee